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Fri, 14th September 2012, 3:45pm

Visited site re visit on Saturday 15th September. Good site

Ronald Forbes

Thu, 6th September 2012, 9:52am

Enjoyed visiting social club recently and enjoyed Meeting Alan RWM.Will be attending future Meetings.
Yours Fraternaly,
Bro. Gerald O'Hara RWM
Airdrie St John 166

Gerald O'Hara RWM Airdrie St John 166

Sun, 26th August 2012, 3:57pm (Sun, 26th August 2012, 4:57pm UTC+1)

The site looks good, the pages of the Social Club are different. Is that suppose to be?

Dennis Hazenbroek

Wed, 11th January 2012, 9:36pm

Was lovely to find my grandfather J B Kelly on pm list 1953 to 1954. I have fond memories of spending time in the hall with him as a child when he ran the bar? Loved the eye, always thought it was a very magical place, didnt scare me at all!!

Alyson Mcculloch

Fri, 9th December 2011, 4:41pm

Hi Alan excellent very imformative and well constructed I really enjoyed Tuesday it was great to see young Alan take the chair of King Soloman no more than he deserved for all his work for the Lodge.

Bill Duncan